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In total the panel consists of 5 anonymous judges.

The judges are kept anonymous at all times. Why are the judges kept anonymous?
Plain and simple... The judges are kept secret to take away any possibility of corruption! Models and judges cannot be corrupted if no one knows who they are!

To be an MAA judge our professional standard must be met!

(Experience and requirements are listed on the application)

Please note: 

  1. Completion of application and payment does not make you an MAA judge. You must be accepted after completing those steps.

  2. If denied you will be notified and refunded immediately.

The main qualities a judge should possess are:

  • Open-minded

  • Fair judgement

  • Honest in judgement

  • Ethical in choice

  • Committed to growing contestants

To apply to be a judge for 2024 click here!

If you have any further questions you can email us at

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