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About Model Achievement Awards

Red Carpet Event

Our purpose is to recognize and celebrate all of the talented individuals that create and collaborate to create great images and art as we know it. This means we not only have come together to celebrate and honor the subject, we also acknowledge the others that put their very important piece of the puzzle in to bring life to a still picture. You can find articles all year long embracing the work and skills of models, photographers, hair and make-up artists, ext. but annually awards will be given to the most decorated and deserving individual in his or her field for that particular year.


Although we ultimately pick the award recipients, if you are not among the top five in the running and feel as though you should be you can submit yourself and why you should receive notice.

(Go to the contact page to do so) 


The Model Achievement Awards are the voice selected prominent voters. We strive to recognize a wide range of the industry’s top professionals, including many of the industry’s top stylists, designers, photographers, editors, hair and makeup artists and casting directors.


How Models Are Ranked/Selected?

Models are ranked and selected primarily by our 5 judge panel. Another factor is voting. Voting will be open to the public after the 1st quarter of the year. Voting is 40% of the factor of who wins.

Why is voting only 40% and not 50%?

voting is only 40% and not 50% because we realize voting can become more of a popularity contest vs a true barometer of who should truly win. So we deem 40% of the vote a fair amount along with the voting of our experienced panel of judges. The judges are kept secret.


Why are the judges kept secret?

Plain and simple... The judges are kept secret to take away any possibility of corruption! You or the judges cannot be corrupted if no one knows who they are!

“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.”

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